Laconic Card v1.0

We proudly present the first member of our custom visual family- the Laconic Card.

Laconic Card – clear and simple way to visualize

This visual is intended to help you display KPIs in your dashboards. Besides showing the actual KPI value you are able to anchor your users perception to a comparison value. Which is important when evaluating whether the numbers we see are good or bad. Anchoring is a technique which should never be forgotten when designing dashboards.

To give further guidance to your dashboard consumers you might want to focus their attention to certain KPIs that are not doing so well. This can be done by showing the optional red dot.

With this (Laconic) design we are delivering a clear and concise way to communicate your message. This train of though shall follow throught to other charts that are currently being designed. Clear and to the point as critical information should be.

We are working on the application for Laconic Card to be accepted to MS Market Place and eventually be a certified visual. In the meantime you are welcome to download the card directly from our website.

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