Why are we doing this?

I’ve been working within Business Intelligence area for just about 15 years now and finding the best way to display information has always been a struggle.

Then came Power BI and our world was never the same again.

And even though report and dashboard development has become much easier, I still notice that there are a few simple things missing from the default visualisations currently available in Power BI.

Every single dashboard I create could use a slight tweak here or there…

Sharing my daily frustrations with colleagues lead to this adventure. We are putting together our own suite of Power BI visuals which will make our and your life as a report/dashboard developer a breeze.

The key priorities for us are:

  • Information clarity
  • Speed of development
  • Ability to focus on important pieces of information

In future posts I will talk more about the thought process behind the visuals, explaining in detail why we chose certain colors or ways to position items.

For now I encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you are among the first ones to be informed about the release of our first visual- SuperCard.

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